Predictions based on animals in dreams

1. Cat : White cat in dream the obstacles are coming in future.if it is a black cat then you are afraid of implementing your mental abilities to overcome the obstacle. if you are chasing the cat in dream then the result is you are constantly over coming the obstacles.

2.Deer : Deer is dream means your reaching heights in your life and you are going to become financially strong.

3.Bull : Bull in dream means you are becoming wealth and also you are not controlling your desires.

4.Cow : Cow in dreams you need to be habituate to become a loyal to nature and yourself.

5.Camel : Camel in your dream means you are facing a heavy weight issues in your shoulders and you have a more mercy.

6. Donkey: Donkey in your dream means you will become frustrated and you will need to increase your strengths to lead good life.

7.Dog: Dog in your dream means you will win on the opponent and also you are loosing one good friend in future so be careful.

8.Pig : Pig in your dreams in you are becoming a selfishness.

9.Elephant : Elephant in your dreams means you need to behave with others with cool and patience attitude.

10.Goat: Goat in your dream means you are not estimating the current situation and your doing foolish works.

11.Horse : White horse in your dreams lucky and black horse means violence.

12.Snake : Snake in your dreams means you need be careful and you will face an unexpected events.

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