Lotus bead maala

Taamara maalaLotus bead maala usually called as Flower maala, goddess lakshmi prasad maala. Lotus flower has another name that “putra jeevi” i.e. it will give children for prayers.

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Benefits of lotus bead maala

  • Lotus bead maala gives co

    ntrol on mind and concentration.

  • While wearing this maala some eternal energy will pass through our entire body, due to this immunity power will increase.
  • Based on gemology, it will give more results than Crystal(Spatika) maala and pagadaala maala(coral chain).
  • Basically lotus flower will not stay straight in pond, So the goddess lakshmi(money) will not be stable.it will super meaning is that lotus will swing as per the flow, So goddess lakshmi(Money) will also swing day by day. (while worshiping goddess Lakshmi means we will feel that economic growth by wealth)

“OM Sreem Hreem Kleem Kamala Vaasinyai swaaha”

  • The above mantra is used to japa, this will be taken by one of guru and if you are doing manana (japa), definitely you will have prosperous life with health and wealth
  • Lotus bead maala removes Venus graha dosh in astrological analysis
  • By wearing this maala or praying(by decorating) Srichakra with lotus bead maala will removes the obstacles in family life, misconception, misunderstanding

if you want own this maala please transfer Rs. 300/- to our bank account and we will pray the god on behalf of you with your gotra and desire, we will courier to your address.

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