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Astrology is a divine science which enables us to look into the future. Astrology can show what expects us in the future, what energies lie ahead and when is the best time to take action to accomplish your goals. In this way, if we have at least a basic indication of what awaits us, we can make decisions more easily.

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Astrology service

Special focus on the Janmapatrika, Education, Late marriages, Career settlement, Debt removals, Visa and almost all kind of reading.



Auspicious date and time for all type of rituals like Marriage, House warming, Shop opening, buying of goods, Sow The Seed and all rituals.


Pooja & Homam

Ganesh Pooja, Gowri Pooja, Punyha Vaachan, House warming, Marriage, Manglik/Kuj/Kaalsarp/Navagraha Dosh nivaran and all.


A Few Words About me

I’am Born Hindu Caring Son, Loving Husband, Proud father, Only Friend with a hope, Guru/Follower for my loved ones, Astrologer, Vastu Consultant and Numerologist.

Strongly Believes in living life instead of Spending life “.

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మానవుడికి అందుబాటులో ఉన్న అన్ని శాస్త్రాలలోకి జ్యోతిష్య గొప్పది. జన్మించిన తేది, సమయం, ప్రదేశం.. ఈ మూడింటిని బట్టి మానవుని వ్యక్తిత్వం, అతడి భవిష్యత్ సంఘటనలు, ఆయు ప్రమాణం, ఇతర వివరాలు చూపించే విద్య – జ్యోతిష్యం.